Commission Payout Disclosure

This program pays out once each month to any account that has earned more than $50.00 US in the prior earnings month. Accounts that have earned less than $50.00, and has a balance that is not paid out by us, will have the unpaid balance added to their next earnings month.

This program pays a 50% revenue share on membership payments which funds are received and not refunded (less certain costs identified below), and which are made by new members who are referred to us by the affiliate. The affiliate will also receive the same revenue share for subsequent successful billings of each such referred member as long as the member continues to be a member in good and paid-up standing with our web site(s).

Certain costs are deducted from the gross billings of members, and prior to the calculation of the revenue share. These costs include: banking and billing fees, charges and costs; refunds and chargebacks amounts, costs and fines (if any); cost of goods sold such as the actual (fully loaded) costs, as well as shipping costs, of any physical goods that are packaged together as part of the membership offer; and any other actual costs incurred by us in the acquisition of the member.